Monday, July 14, 2008

Men who knit, Fleece Artist, and Little Knits

So I was talking about this guy who's blog my Mom has listed on her site...This Boy Knits. He's so cute! Too late for me:) The first yarn he has up there is Fleece Artist. I got two skeins from a line owned by Fleece Artist called Hand Maiden to make a wrap for my mother-in-law. I was so afraid to use them she obviously never got the wrap and they're not even wound. The colorways are so beautiful, and the one I got feels like you're raking your fingers through cool delicate.

I got it from Little Knits. They pretty much have some kind of sale going on at all times. That's where I got my Noro Kureyon for pretty much half off (give or take change - not like I teach math or anything). I don't have pics of that, but when you go in I got the colorway all the way on top. I love Noro, but can only buy it on sale b/c it costs too damn much!:)

I was having a hard time with the color of the links on the blog and was brain farting everywhere. Mr. Grimm Witch helped so, thank you!

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