Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hybernating Objects

Jeeze Louise, I have so been there, Lynn. When Fitted Knits came out I tried doing the sweater on the cover.

Picture taken from christinamarie82's flickr
Maybe it was a poor choice of yarn (I used Jiffy by LionsBrand. Great yarn-but super fuzzy) but I ended up tearing it out from neck to waist three times before giving up. The entire ickyness was bundled up and is still hiding in the closet with my never, ever, ever to be finished hippy style hoodie (what was I thinking!).


me said...

I once throw out yarn that I spent $50.00 on because I got so frustrated with the project, I could not stand to look at it any longer. I am now working on a shawl I started 2yrs ago. It is using Tunisian Crochet.. It actually makes me ill when I work on it to long. It looks like knitting so I love the look. I will post it when I am done.

Lupie said...

Lynn,the sweater was fine everytime she ripped it out.