Thursday, July 17, 2008

ChalkDust Knitters Giving Back

I posted this in my blog and feel it would be a good idea if we, as a group, would start making projects we could donate. We could make up little tags with our group name, find a hospital that would be receptive and once or twice a year deliver hats and bears. The Teddy bears are great for little kids to hug when they need it.
Both patterns are from DIY's Knitty Gritty.

Newborn Cap
This little cap is nice to have on the needles for times when you need a mindless knitting project. It is also good for traveling with.

This little cap is very easy and knits up fast.
Here is a link to the pattern Newborn Cap

This Teddy Bear looks difficult but is very simple to make.

It is all one piece from the head to the feet and has very little seaming.
This Teddy Bear looks difficult but is very simple to make.
This is a link to the pattern for the Teddy Bear

Crochet Projects
This little cap by Barbara Feltner is seamless.
Lionbrand has a very cute teddy bear

Please comment on this idea.


me said...

so cute

Zel, The Grimm Witch said...

I love that bear.

RiaRe said...

Great idea about knitting and donating to charity. Count me in.

me said...

Yes this is a good idea. I would need to crochet.. Did you check out Ravelry Olympics yet. Also the red scarf thing is great to do to. We could also be a team. I did join team jersey but it would be fun for us to start a team. I could defected.